Internet Of Things

#IOT, perhaps best described as, a network of interconnected smart sensor devices, wirelessly sending data through the internet, signalling changes in states, which trigger an action or behaviour that will automate or add value to a process.

For Example, a car which is fitted with smart sensors or IOT devices, automatically warn the owner that the suspensions are not functioning as designed and sends a message to the manufacturer or a partner garage that its suspensions are not entirely safe. An alert will go out to a local garage CRM system, Dynamics 365 perhaps. The sales person managing the account will see the warning or alert. Owner will receive a call: “your car has just indicated that the suspensions are not in line with safety regulations, please can you bring your car in?” Alternatively, system will auto schedule an appointment and send an SMS confirmation to the owner for acceptance. I am sure having cars communicating directly with the service agents would add value to the service providers. Rolls Royce has taken advantage of this sort of technology for their jet engines.

Microsoft IoT Hub easily and securely connect your Internet of Things (IoT) devices and can send data to Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 can then trigger workflows or display the required information in a dashboard.

This kind of automation serves well in any environment; however, the service industry benefits the most from adopting this application of technology.   A hive of interconnected devices driving some automated behaviour, or serving as a means of collecting data, can help build Smart Cities and Smart Nations. A world where systems can monitor our energy foot print, measure and reduce waste and improve monitoring of health issues, through to sending alerts to relevant providers to report on anomalies so they can be addressed in a timely fashion. 

Logic, though at the heart of decision making, is not the only major factor in making decisions. There are several influencing factors, such as political views, social norms and allegiance to groups which guide or impact the way we decide.  Internet of things, can provide information which can be an influencing factor in our decision-making process and reduce the amount of time it takes to implement or justify change.

The more we learn about our own intelligence and influencing factors that lead us to making decisions, the more challenges we address in building intelligent systems that can match or exceed our own abilities.

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