Automated Marketing

Marketing Automation refers to the creation of automated marketing tasks or workflow actions, to nurture customers and measure success.


The main aim is to deliver a consistent and compelling message across all channels.  The adoption of cloud technology has provided corporations with the scalability and processing power required to automate and streamline marketing campaigns. Leading CRM systems nowadays have adopted this feature, either as part of their out of box functionality or through integration.

However, many believe that Microsoft Dynamics 365, as one of the leading platforms, still does not offer any marketing automation. Wrong!   Don’t believe me? Have a look.

Unfortunately, you do not need a degree in computer science to do this; all you need is a mouse. Drag and drop to build a complete marketing process. Simple!

Due to the growing demand for automated marketing tools, and cloud technology, as the platform, #Adobe and Microsoft decided to partner up. They aim to offer a robust solution, enabling consistent user experience and maintaining a joined-up enterprise.

 “What does this partnership mean for CRM?”  you may ask.

Microsoft is gearing up Dynamics 365 Marketing module by embedding features of Adobe Marketing. To this end, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is set to gain improved marketing automation features for CRM online.  Their joined effort may also bring, much loved, Adobe functionality like, the ability to generate and edit PDF documents along with e-signature feature, basically the entire content workflow accessible through Dynamics 365 is also a possibility.

#Dynamics365 combined with Adobe is set to have, the power to enable advanced segmentation, customer lifecycle marketing, lead nurturing, lead scoring, cross-sell, and up-sell improving customer retention, and marketing ROI measurement features.  Regardless of the features or integrations, Dynamics 365 has full support from both CEOs. Adobe Marketing Cloud has a complete set of marketing products which could enrich Dynamics 365.

 With these marketing functions, advanced analytics and continued use of intelligent dashboards, your organisation can bridge the gap between sales, marketing, and visualisation.  Moreover, with all these features embedded on a single platform, like dynamics 365, you can expect an increase in the rate of conversion and provide a single collaborative platform for users across the enterprise. As Dynamics 365 continues to challenge Salesforce, and other competitors, we can clearly expect investment, growth, and innovation in this area by all CRM providers.

Is this a trend or just hype?

While some organisations, recognise the benefits of Automated Marketing, they do not fully appreciate the dependencies which lie at the core of this functionality. Marketing is a strategy and needs to be established organically in an organisation. giphyMarketing strategy should encompass, a suitable model for generating leads, with a clear understanding of the target customer profile and measure sentiment throughout the customer’s journey. For this reason, automated marketing is just a tool to drive a consistent marketing message across the web, mobile, video, social, and other channels.

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