The beginning


The best place to start, I suppose, is to define the purpose of this blog. I want to inspire and bring people together to discuss and understand Customer Relationship Management systems. It is a place for sharing experiences and gaining knowledge. This blog is based on my personal experience and, therefore, entirely on my own opinion.

Let’s begin by defining “passion”. The root of this word is Latin, “pati”, which means “to suffer”.

Surprised? I was, when I learned this definition. The meaning of “passion” as we know it today is:

“An intense or extreme affection, enthusiasm, or interest for an object or concept.” (

When someone asks you in an interview “what are you passionate about?”, remember that it is that one thing that makes you suffer and that you enjoy the suffering that it brings.

“Passion” explains my relationship with CRM. This subject has expanded over time and I aim to explore topics associated with it and what it can teach us.


I started working in CRM in 2005. My first role in CRM was with Siebel CRM as a support analyst. As I became familiar with the CRM system, I began to innovate and suggest ideas for implementing new functionalities. This exposure provided me with a technical and functional understanding of how CRM operates. My journey since then has been as a consultant on CRM systems, both in technical and functional roles.