Latest trends in CRM

CRM  enables your company to put customers at the heart of your business. This tool is like having a Swiss army knife; it is easily adaptable to any industry and has modules to accelerate and streamline business process in Sales, Service management, Project automation, Field service, Contract management and many more. The growing thirst for information and the search for customer-centred solutions encourages the growth of CRM software. Ultimately, CRM brings organisations closer to the voice of their customers.

Outlined below are just a few emerging trends within the CRM software functionality, as it evolves further into a development platform for the Enterprise market.

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It is the start of a new era, a data driven intelligence era.  We are now in a world where a phone company knows more about an individuals movements and preferences than the individual themselves. We are not far from a point where technology predicts human behaviour with up to 80% accuracy. Companies have started experimenting with these new trend, and are using these as tools to build a better, more efficient and automated customer strategy.  We can see this trend across all major industry players such as Microsoft, IBM and Oracle, where Internet is the platform for hosting application, across the enterprise.

I see CRM as a major player in an organisations digital transformation strategy. It combines intelligent integration of software, business processes, analytics and infrastructure, to deliver the best value to your organisation, supporting you in measuring business outcome through innovation. A  good CRM implementation is one that is simple to use and provides access to functionality to adapt to the upcoming trends.