Latest trends in CRM

The growing thirst for information and the search for customer-centred solutions encourages the growth of CRM software. This post highlights a few emerging trends within the CRM software functionality.

Data Management

Introduction As we grow more capability in the digital spectrum our perception of this world, its vast properties and hidden truths are slowly being unravelled to our astonishment. The separation of different components in our environment, into specialised areas of study have led to the increasing need for us to store data and use technology and statistical … Continue reading Data Management

Social Listening

I want to say boring and old. However, that would mean I am blind to what is happening around me. Seriously! Companies who do not yet have a social presence or a Customer Collaboration Team (“CCT”), must be trailing behind. Without having proper channels you end up delivering a poor customer service and appear to be … Continue reading Social Listening

Internet Of Things

#IOT, perhaps best described as, a network of interconnected smart sensor devices, wirelessly sending data through the internet, signalling changes in states, which trigger an action or behaviour that will automate or add value to a process. For Example, a car which is fitted with smart sensors or IOT devices, automatically warn the owner that the suspensions are not functioning as designed and sends a message to … Continue reading Internet Of Things

Automated Marketing

Marketing Automation refers to the creation of automated marketing tasks or workflow actions, to nurture customers and measure success. The main aim is to deliver a consistent and compelling message across all channels.  The adoption of cloud technology has provided corporations with the scalability and processing power required to automate and streamline marketing campaigns. Leading CRM systems nowadays have adopted … Continue reading Automated Marketing

Advanced Analytics (Machine Learning)

Data has become a commodity. The more we store, the more challenges it brings.  However, one of the key strengths emerging from captured data,  is  what we learn from it.  Companies are surviving and experiencing continued, sustained, growth by applying the right tools to effectively manage the data captured. For instance, Dynamics 365 CRM “out of the … Continue reading Advanced Analytics (Machine Learning)